Sunday, November 28, 2010

Palin 1, Halibut 0

and other random thoughts

Madam Palin

I watched the premiere of Sarah Palin's Alaska show the other night.  Sounds like a lot of people did, then didn't (the ratings dropped over 40% for episode two). 

I love the outdoors and have never been to Alaska, so I tuned in and found it mildly interesting.  Problem is there are shows on all the time about Alaska and other Arctic locales.  Hunt one day, fish the next.

I understand Whalin Palin pummelled a halibut in week 2.  Sorry I missed that.  It should make a good campaign ad.  But for who?

It's all about 2012 right?  She's already made not so subtle hints (as subtle as a two by four to the skull) about running for president. 

Sarah Palin is the Notre Dame of politics.  There's no middle ground.  Either you love her or think she's Beelzebub. 

And Sarah Inc. is a profitable gig, with best selling books, paid speeches at say, 50 grand a pop and a well paid, friendly megaphone at Fox News.  

I'm not sure what to think of her politically and wonder why she would run given her current role where  she controls every aspect of her message and yields significant influence.  And if she does run, has she peaked too soon?  How many dancing bears or daughters are left to watch?  Gotta say though, the only people happier at the prospect of her running than Republicans are Democrats.  The next 18 months promise to be good theater.

And if you haven't already, check out this Robert Draper piece in the New York Times Magazine:

Pat Downs and Body Scans

I remember when the Hare Krishnas were the biggest "personal space invaders" at airports.  Now we have so-called pat downs and full body scans. 

Not sure why we aren't taking notes from the Israelis, who have arguably the world's toughest airport security without pats or scans. 

I imagine the new policies will be modified, and hopefully won't extend to train stations and buses.  One of my close friends is fond of saying Americans have too many freedoms.   Is he right?

Giving Thanks

Speaking of freedoms....A few weeks ago we walked out of Mass where our local Congresswoman was shaking hands a couple of days before the mid-term elections. 

A nice woman who has served our district for many years.  We said hello and were on our way.  While walking home my son 12 year-old son asked, "Are you going to vote for her?"  "Not sure," I said, which was the truth.  His next question struck me.  "If you are going to vote for her," he said,  "why would you shake her hand?"   

"Because she's a member of Congress,"  I said, "and she is serving our country.  You need to respect that whether you vote for her or not."

People have rioted for less.  I think back to the 2000 presidential race and the ballot controversies.  That's it, controversies.  No coup, no contra insurgence. 

Our peaceful process and results, then and now, are the envy of other nations.  Jimmy Carter has made a post- presidential career observing foreign elections. 

I'm thankful we live, peacefully, in a free country.   God bless those who watch over us, here and abroad.

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