Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 by 25

I celebrated an important anniversary last week. 

I know, they're all important.  But this one had me reflecting quite a bit.

5 years ago last week I stood with my children and married an amazing woman. 

Tania is amazing.  Not perfect, but amazing.  A beautiful, gifted woman with a huge heart, who sees me for who I am (and more importantly who I am not).  Someone to share hopes and dreams. Together we are a living sacrament. 
Marriage isn't something I pictured happening after a painful divorce.

"Painful divorce."  How redundant. 

Nobody wants a divorce, and in terms of pain, I am reminded of an exchange between Walter Mondale and George McGovern, the latter having badly lost a presidential bid in 1972. 

"How long until I get over this?" a down Walter Mondale asked George McGovern in the wake of his presidential loss in 1984, to which McGovern responded, "I'll let you know."

The image that often came to mind was of a soldier walking through a devastated village.  The sun is on the horizon; You can see it but can't grasp it.  But the light is there, which in my case is two amazing children, family and friends. 

The light is there, and you need to persevere.  Life doesn't come with a built in GPS.  Usually when I expect a layup I get hammered in the lane. 
Sometimes you strike gold. 

Along with a being a wonderful wife and step mom Tania has given me two gorgeous little girls.  Girls so precious they stop traffic.  As for their teenage years, I have been advised more than once to get a gun.

Parenting again is fun and I have remembered a few things such as:

- Teletubbies are so 20th century
- Dreft and changing tables are for chumps
- How to pace back and forth like a cougar in order to induce sleep
- The art of falling asleep in a room full of kids, or before my head hits the pillow

Which brings me to 25.
For years I have trekked off to the pool, park or library for quality family time. 

More than 10 years worth. 

A decade of runny noses, t-ball, raging hormones and sugar highs.

And I've got many more years to go. 

By the time my infant daughter becomes a teenager I will have put in over 25 years.  Instead of a gold watch I'm hoping for a silver cane.

Bifocal Dads - unite!

A few years ago there was a mostly forgettable movie starring Chris Rock called "I Think I Love My Wife." If you haven't seen it I'll save you 4 bucks - he does. 

I know I love my wife...and my life. 

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