Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camp Getmeottahere

There are three "young child activities" every adult should witness at least once:

1.  Watching a child eat an ice cream cone
2.  Watching a child dance
3.  Watching a child head off to summer camp

I have experienced all three in the past month through the eyes of my 4 year old daughter. 

We signed her up for summer camp three days a week. 

Could have done five days, or seven, or ten.  The kid has not had a moment of separation anxiety since birth.  I am confident if we dropped her off in Paris for a week we would return to find her in a beret sipping cafe au lait, surrounded by her new native friends.

On the first day of camp it's hard to tell who is more excited, the kids or the newly sprung parents, who suddenly has time to sip coffee without dodging toys and vomit.

But you get used to it. 

It has been a few years since my older kids started summer camp.  Now it's as routine for them as waking up in time for lunch.  In fact, I'm planning to found "Camp Wanderteen" next year, where the sole activity will be aimlessly roaming parks while plugged in to an ipod. 

The camp experience has me thinking, what would happen if adults were loaded up on buses, with backpacks and baseball hats, for four weeks of summer fun?

Here are a few activities for "Camp Getmeottahere:"

"Sweet Dreams" - Campers sit in circle time and hear stories about strenuous exercise and evenings that end after 9pm.  Those who fall asleep the fastest get a special prize. 

"Organ recital" - Campers line up to discuss their various ailments, with points awarded based on degree of acceptance.  Bald spots and pouches get top billing.

"Connect me not" - Campers troll the mall with a blackberry connecting all day while ignoring those in their immediate presence.
"Remote duel" - Campers sit in front of flat screens and are timed to see how many shows they can fully recall over a single hour of channel hopping.  Sporting events excluded, and women are given a five show lead.   

How have your camp experiences been?  I invite you to comment and would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. what about "tug of war" the battle for the remote - it's a couples activity - the loser is given kitchen snack duty. They must deliver ONLY the snacks the winner likes (even if this means going out to the store at 10 pm)

  2. No way - women who win snack duty will come back with carrots and pea pods. Remotes are the domain of guys. It's been declared.

    And by 10 pm I am focused on breakfast.