Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Memorials

This past weekend was a trying one as two family members dealt with illness.

Both are seasoned citizens and have had health issues for some time.

Perhaps it's fitting that things culminated over Memorial Day weekend, when we pause to remember heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America.

I read stories this year, as always, about soldiers determined to keep memories alive, remembering their comrades and hoping the rest of us never forget.

Unfortunately we are rapidly losing soldiers, and their stories.  Estimates are that over 1000 World War II veterans die each day. 

I remember hearing from Holocaust survivors in school as a child.  Most vividly, I remember their shared concern that when they die people would forget, or deny, their experiences.

Memorials take many forms. 

I have been blogging for about 16 months.  In my first post, I wrote about my inspiration, Aunt Jo:


Writing for me is great fun, and certainly a way to memorialize my thoughts.  I think about that a lot these days. 

My words will survive me, warts and all. 

There's no disputing your own words, as hard as some people try.  Who can forget Charles Barkley claiming he was misquoted in his autobiography?

How do you go about sharing memories?  I would love to hear from you.

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