Monday, August 9, 2010

Let Them Eat Walleye

With folks in a huff over Michelle Obama’s Spanish jaunt (a New York Daily News column compared her to Marie Antoinette), I thought I'd provide a side by side comparison of the First Lady’s trip to the Gaul family’s annual trek to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.
This is strictly for comparison purposes, though if the President decided to join us next year it would create the biggest stir since pasteurization. 

Methods of Transportation:           

Obama:  Air Force Two, limousine           

Gaul:   Minivan, fishing boat


Obama:  70 Service Agents                  

Gaul:  Old English Sheepdog


Obama:  60 rooms at Costa Del Sol      

Gaul:  Two Bedroom cabin

Greeted upon Arrival by:                

Obama:  King Juan Carlos                 

Gaul:  Several hundred mosquitoes


Obama:  Sea bass tartare, lobster with seaweed risotto         

Gaul:  Burgers a la Weber


Obama:  Flamenco performance by Juan Andres Maya      

Gaul:   Bonfire guitar performance by Guillermo Gaul

Leisure activities:                           

Obama:  Swimming at a closed beach     

Gaul: Diving off the pier

Top Sightseeing attraction:            

Obama:  Alhambra Palace,  a16th century cathedral                    

Gaul:  World’s largest penny in Woodruff

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