Friday, March 5, 2010

Pinch me - Bears got it right?

I am sitting in my office on a sunny Friday and just saw a headline that the Bears signed Julius Peppers and a stud tight end who played with Love and Mike Martz on the Rams.

This offseason has been particularly bad for diehards like me. Not only do we have to think about another mediocre season of 7-9 but the Bears have no draft choices to speak of next month. Thank you Jay Cutler.

And every time I turned around another coach turned down the chance to coach with lame duck Lovie, or as I heard on the radio recently "Lovie Del Negro." Stiffed more times than a clueless waiter.

I saw the headline, but don't want to look. The Bears could actually come out of this in good shape. I know, I know they need O-line help and a receiver, but this is big.

All of the talk this winter has been about the Hawks, rightfully so, although something tells me a letdown is coming. Hockey being the one sport where top seeds do get upset in the first round and the goalie position is anything but settled.

I digress. I love the Bears, and Chicago is a Bears town. Always has been. There is a whiff of optimism this afternoon which is exciting. Now if we could just find some blockers.

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