Monday, February 8, 2010

Voters elected who? And he did what?

Im bummed.

Not because the Colts lost the Super Bowl (I was pulling for the Saints). I am bummed because Scott Lee Cohen dropped out of the race. As they say "We hardly knew yee" or maybe we knew too much.

I knew nothing about this guy other than he was a wealthy businessman before the election, and apparently voters didn't either. And I took a Republican ballot so he was not in my field.

But wow, did voters and party bosses (and most of the media) blow this one. And to think at 3pm yesterday, several days after the election, he was still refusing to quit. My guess is that if Mike Madigan was unable to convince him to bail President Obama would have put Katie Couric on hold and dropped a dime to Cohen headquarters.

I love politics. And I am a junkie for CNN, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, PBS, talk radio , blogs and all. I also love to write and love a good story. Which is why I am bummed.

Because you just can't make this stuff up. Illinois is already a laughingstock for the rest of the country and here we are about to run a hooker beating, steroid taking deadbeat Dad.

Oh, to be a campaign adviser on either side of that one. How can you spin it away? Perhaps she was working his "stimulus package." More likely the same drivel we always hear about "mistakes of the past" and indiscretions.

And what an easy target for the Republicans. To me the best part was his hooker girlfriend going on record as saying he would not be a good Governor. Thanks for the insight. And what involvement have you had in politics, besides offering exotic massages to higher ups in both parties? The client list probably reads like a who's who. After all, our state is bipartisan when it comes to corruption.

It would have been great theater. And the death knell for Governor Quinn. Because Illinois is one state where the Lt. Gov does matter, since our past two governors are wearing or will wear orange jumpsuits.

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